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Mardin TurkeyAt 100 km south of Diyarbakır, lies Mardin. It is a beautiful old town built on a hillside overlooking the vast roasted Mesopotamian plains. Actually, Mardin is one of the oldest settlements of Mesopotamia and of the world. Mardin is famous for its honey-coloured stone houses and its once large Christian community.

The monastery of Mar Hanania, in Arabic Deyrul Zaffaran, is about 6 km from Mardin. It was once the seat of the Syrian Orthodox patriarchate and is presently used as an orphanage. The monastery was founded in 495 AD. Click here for more information on the history of Deyrul Zaffaran.

Just south of Mardin's city center is the Kasimiye Medresesi or Kasim Pasha Medrese, an Islamic university of the 15th century that has recently been restored.

Hotels are rare in Mardin, so we took a trip by taxi from Diyarbakır. Total price for a complete day trip, including tip was about € 55. Ask for Mohammed Ali's taxi, he is usually standing opposite the Grand Güler Hotel.


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