Mediterranean Region

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Turkey's Mediterranean coast or Turkish Riviera, as it is often called, is among Turkey's most popular holiday destinations. A stunning landscape, countless antique ruin cities, and a perfect climate make this region a true holiday paradise.

The Mediterranean region is separated from Central Anatolia by the high and steep Taurus mountains. The region contains a number of large cities and historical sites. There are AntalyaAdana, and Mersin as major cities and industrial centres, but also the remnants of Lycian, Greek, and Roman cities. The tourism industry is located mainly in seaside resorts at Kelem, Side, and Alanya.

More inland the climate of the mountain region is cooler and wetter. The peaks of the Taurus mountains are snow-capped six months a year and there are several ski resorts. In antiquity, the Pisidians used to live here and one can still stroll along the streets of their mountainous cities such as Termessos and Sagalassos. Turkey's Lake District is located in these mountains with the charming setting of Eğirdir lake and the like-named city.

In short, Turkey's Mediterranean Region is a top travel destination.

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